Santa Likes booze.

New York City SantaCon 2003 Pictures and Links

The Brooklyn Cacophony Society has lots of usefull stuff, including the official announcement for 2003.

Santa OOF's (aka Liteup-Beard Santa) pictures.
Costume Jim's great pics!
The Joe's pics
San Fran Santa
Santa Eleanor's three galleries! one two three.
Quad's pics @ shutterfly
Shmeilord's ofoto pics
Melissa, Naughty elf
Terri Ferrari'a pics
Abby's Ofoto pics
Santa Ed (of the birthday cake hat)
Derek Brown's pics

Press Coverage

F-train Stories

SantaCon from Around the world!

Still Hapening! Buy Your Plane Tickets!

Dec 20, 2003: Wales

Lots of fun was had...

Washington DC
Santa is WANTED
Dec 12,13, 2003: Barcelona
Dec 13, 2003: London

Various other links

The fairly official Santarchy site has historical information.

Semi official XXX-mas Scarols. And a bonus section. (both in Word format)

Boston Speedo Santas

SantaCon histories in the world

New York, 2002
Los Angeles, 1999

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